Zina Iluvio Senior match shorts M Z01929_20220201120132 Lemon


Zina Iluvio Senior match shorts M


  • The ILUVIO Senior match shorts have been designed with players of all levels in mind.
  • Not only amateurs will be delighted with it, because also professionals appreciated its quality and advantages.
  • The key feature of the outfit is the proper fit for each figure and the highest level of comfort for the player. The shorts are made of 100% Interlock polyester, which is durable, but has the right weight to be gentle on the skin and properly elastic.
  • The sporty cut of the ILUVIO shorts ensures full freedom during any physical activity, completely excluding unnecessary movements, any puffs and the need to correct them on yourself.
  • Although they are intended for sports, the shorts will also work every day.
  • The production uses the proprietary ACTIVE DRY technology, which is created by a specially developed by ZINA sweat drainage system.
  • This solution gives a feeling of dryness, reduces friction and ensures full dynamics of the game.
  • The shorts are also prepared for a large temperature amplitude.
  • So they protect against both cooling and overheating.
  • Optimal body temperature helps to improve athletic performance.
  • The outfit is made in a classically designed style.
  • The ergonomic cut strikes the perfect balance between looks and direct game impact.
  • The manufacturer's logo sewn on the left leg emphasizes the sporty character.
  • Interlock – durable and quick-drying, high-quality functional material
  • ACTIVE DRY technology – a system that wicks moisture away from the clothes, which guarantees dryness and breathability.
  • The cut emphasizes the sporty silhouette, provides all abrasion resistance.
  • Guarantee of total range of motion and full freedom during physical activity.
  • The sizing in this model is understated, we recommend choosing a larger size.


  • 100% Polyester Interlock


  • yellow

L, M, S, XL, XXL





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Zina Iluvio Senior match shorts M Z01929_20220201120132 Lemon
Zina Iluvio Senior match shorts M Z01929_20220201120132 Lemon
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