Meteor Fluo 7 16751 basketball



  • The Meteor Fluo basketball is a perfect choice for basketball fans who want to take their game to another level. The unique properties of the ball will mean that improving your sports skills will not depend on the time of training or match.
  • The ball is exposed to sunlight or another source of strong light, absorbs it and emits it in the dark. Depending on the light intensity during the day and the time spent in sunlight, the ball glows with different intensity.
  • The design with wide channels adapts to the surface of the hand and provides good gripping properties. Increases grip and enables effective throws and better ball maneuvering.
  • Soft PU leather combined with durable technology allows you to achieve a better effect during the game. The fluorescent material is non-slip and resistant to abrasion and wear, so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • The standard size is the perfect option for all basketball lovers. The ball will be perfect for both adults and teenagers. It is perfect for night training or late-night matches, and it adapts perfectly to any surface.


Glowing material – after exposure to sunlight or other intense light sources, a special material absorbs energy and then emits it during night matches. Get ready for an exciting game with our glowing basketball!


High quality – the ball is made of soft PU leather, wear-resistant and non-slip. The material provides good elasticity and durability, so you can use it regardless of the type of surface.


Ecological choice – the ball does not require batteries. Thanks to efficient exposure to sunlight, it emits bright light in the dark and saves energy, providing you with endless fun.


Creative gift – looking for a special gift for your children, friends or family? The Meteor Fluo basketball is a perfect and practical gift for every basketball fan.








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Meteor Fluo 7 16751 basketball – uniw, Green
Meteor Fluo 7 16751 basketball
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