Meteor Ghost 16750 basketball



  • The Meteor Ghost 7 basketball is an essential gadget for all basketball lovers. Its holographic properties impress not only the players, but also the audience.
  • The Ghost model has a blue and purple pattern, but when exposed to lighting, the shades of blue completely replace the purple color. This unique design emphasizes its visibility on the pitch, which makes the game much easier and more attractive. Due to its holographic PU leather construction, the ball stands out during play and makes it easier to spot spectacular plays and tricks performed on the pitch.
  • The high quality of the material ensures good elasticity and resistance to abrasion and wear, which allows you to enjoy the game much longer. Wide grooves enable a soft and comfortable grip, and a carefully crafted valve increases the tightness and flexibility of the ball. The solid workmanship allows the ball to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The ball is perfect for amateur games and professional training. Its unusual pattern adds energy and dynamics to each game, encouraging longer activity. The unique style distinguishes the ball from others available on the market and motivates you to play, providing a lot of excitement on the pitch. Children will also surely like it, encouraging movement and supporting motor coordination.

Unique design – the unusual pattern will easily attract the attention of you and all basketball fans, both on the pitch and in the audience.

Resistant material – made of a special wear-resistant material. It guarantees durability and efficiency, making it ideal for intensive training.

Wide range of applications – suitable for various surfaces. You can play it in the sports hall or take it with you outdoors for endless fun.

Perfect gift – Holographic basketball is a unique and practical gift choice, suitable for basketball lovers, friends and family. Choose Ghost and make your loved ones happy.








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Meteor Ghost 16750 basketball – uniw, Blue
Meteor Ghost 16750 basketball
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